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Welcome to QuranAlMajid App
In this current version you will be able to read, recite in six languages based on multiple type of fonts and hear multiple reciters.
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- It has six languages for Audio commentary (Urdu, English, Spanish, Chinese, Bangla & Arabic).
- Many fonts & sizes including Arabic Text using Uthmani Font.

QuranAlMajid App provides the following enhancements.
- 4 Arabic Qurans in High Quality Uthmani and IndoPak Arabic Fonts.
- 4 Color Coded Arabic-English Qurans in High Quality Uthmani and IndoPak Fonts.
- 2 Color Coded Arabic-Urdu Qurans in High Quality IndoPak Fonts.
- Spanish-English-Arabic translation
- Chinese-English-Arabic translation
- Bangla-English-Arabic translation
- Community participated prayers
- Prayers for all occasion
- Color Coded Quran for Beginners.
- High Quality Audio Recitations - Abdul Basit, Basit Azhar, Sudais-Shuraim & Mishary AlAfasy.
- Complete revised Tafheemul Quran by Abul Aala Moududi in High Quality Arabic English fonts.
- Complete Audio Tafheemul Quran by Abul Aala Moududi in Arabic and Urdu.
- Complete Audio Tafseerul Quran by Dr Israr Ahmed in Arabic and Urdu.
- Audio Quran Arabic-English Translation and Narration by Abdul Basit-Azhar.
- Audio Quran Arabic-Urdu Translation Narration by Abdul Basit-Shamshad.
- Arabic-English and Arabic-Urdu Quranic Dictionaries
- How to Understand Quran in Arabic. Quranic Vocabulary and Grammar Videos.

Send us email at support@quranalmajid.com with your comments, feedback and any specific features you would like us to add.
This app is completely free, no advertisement and is based on content from http://quranpda.com. WeMo Technologies Inc (wemotech.com) for the development and support.

Please also see the Credits for people and entities who helped in production, development, design, marketing, operations, management and propagation of this App and Quranalmajid.com website.

Download QuranAlMajid App from App Store